Mostbet Aviator: Fly to the Winnings

Progressive multiplier, double bet, built-in statistics, and autoplay mode — these features will make your experience at Mostbet Aviator a memorable one. Place your bet and lead your red airplane to massive winnings of 1,000,000x!

Plunge into the world of the Aviator game at Mostbet Sri Lanka

Aviator Casino Game: Brief Review

Aviator was one of the first games in the “crash” genre. It includes machines without reels/paylines but progressive multipliers.

Released inFebruary 2019
Developed bySpribe
Min bet$0.10
Max bet$100

The interface is a field with a scale of multipliers at the top. The red airplane is the only symbol; the longer it is in the air, the bigger the winnings become.

The gameplay can be described in a few words. You place a bet and watch as the red airplane flies, increasing the current multiplier. Your goal is to withdraw the funds before the plane crashes. Otherwise, your bet will be lost.

Everything is accompanied by a dynamic melody and minimal visual effects. The game is based on ‘Provably Fair’ technology. This means that every round is played with 100% fairness and transparency.

Aviator Game: Main Features

The Mostbet Aviator algorithm is straightforward. It only requires an initial bet and a bit of luck to cash it out in time. Nevertheless, the game comes with several exciting features:

  • In-game chat. Hundreds of players can place bets at the same time as you. You can exchange thoughts and messages via in-game chat.
  • Built-in statistics. In this tab, you can track your progress, adjusting your current strategies and approaches to the game.
  • Double bet. This feature doubles your chances. You should definitely take advantage of this.

Aviator has a great social value. It lets you stay in touch with other enthusiasts and track your progress.

Advantages of playing Aviator on Mostbet Sri Lanka

How to Start Playing

Let’s say you are on the Mostbet website. You are just a few steps away from your first bet. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Create an account. Click the registration button, fill in the form (email/phone number/one-click), and select a welcome package.
  2. Replenish a bankroll. Go to the cashier and pick your preferred payment method to fund your bankroll.
  3. Make a stake. Find the Aviator among the many Mostbet games and start it. Place your bet for the round, and watch out for the red airplane.

Newcomers receive 5 free bets. This allows you to eliminate risk at the beginning of your journey.

Register and start playing Aviator at Mostbet Sri Lanka

Aviator Gameplay

The round starts after you make a minimum bet of 10 cents. Then, the airplane rises into the air and stays there for a while. As the plane flies, the multiplier grows rapidly and has no upper limit. It can reach 50x, 90x, 150x, 200x, and even more. As mentioned, you must cash out your bet before the red airplane crashes. Subsequently, the winnings will be immediately credited to your Mostbet account.

Check out the gameplay of the game Aviator on Mostbet Sri Lanka

Gameplay with Auto Mode

The game supports Auto Mode. By activating it, you won’t have to bet every time a round starts. A certain amount will be wagered automatically without your participation.

An activated auto mode also means your stake will be cashed out automatically when a certain multiplier is reached. This is quite convenient; you can adjust this parameter in the settings.

Aviator Demo Play

If you can’t wait to test Aviator, you can do it for free. Start the game in demo mode. You will get virtual coins to pay for your participation. This way, you will test every detail to know what to expect when wagering real funds. But remember that payouts are unavailable while you play in demo mode. To fill your pockets, you must make a deposit.

Play Aviator in free demo mode on Mostbet Sri Lanka

Best Aviator Game Strategies

You can find many strategies and even install specific apps with the Mostbet Aviator signal. Even though there is no unique solution to win every round, some approaches will increase your chances. Below are the best methods that you should use in practice.

Aviator game strategies at Mostbet Sri Lanka

Martingale Strategy

According to this strategy, the bet should be doubled after every loss. Thus, the next win will cover the losses that you have incurred earlier. To play Aviator with this strategy requires a pretty impressive bankroll.

Labouchère System

Labouchère saves you money. The idea is to determine your bankroll for the session and divide it into smaller amounts that you will add to your list. Then, add up the first and last sums and bet on a round. If you win, remove the figures from the list.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system involves digits, where the sum of the two previous digits determines the value of the next one. It goes like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Everything is elementary here: increase your bet every time you lose. But the sum of the two previous stakes must equal the sum of your next wager.

How to Win More in Aviator

You can significantly increase your chances by using effective tips:

  • Cash out bets with low multipliers, as the probability of the airplane reaching them, is high.
  • Place a double bet to have a better chance of winning.
  • Test Aviator in demo mode to see how it works.
  • Manage your bankroll, and don’t spend more than you can afford.

You can check out Mostbet Aviator right now. Do it in a demo mode to see how it works without risk and deposit.

Play and win the Aviator game on Mostbet Sri Lanka