Rules at Mostbet Sri Lanka

Mostbet is the globe’s major gaming operator, which accepts sports bets from all over the planet. Of course, it is a licensed bookmaker firm operating since 2009. For more than 10 years, Mostbet has successfully cooperated with more than 40 sports federations worldwide. The company is constantly improving its services, responding to customer needs, ensuring the safety of withdrawals, and making the official website as convenient as possible for any user.

General terms and conditions

Mostbet casino has its terms and conditions, and you need to read them before registering. The casino and sportsbook operator reserves the right to refuse individual registration for any reason. Anyone under the age of eighteen cannot use the platform. The operator may request documents, and refusal may result in the closure of your account.

Engaging in fraudulent activities, colluding with others, insider trading, arbitrage betting, and registering multiple accounts may cause the operator to delete your account. Errors resulting from connection issues, software, or other service failures are not the operator’s fault.

Privacy Policy

The Bookie will gather, keep, and handle clients’ personal data received during the time of service interaction. When providing information to the company, the client acknowledges his agreement on the utilization of his private details.

Information that the bookmaker may collect, store, and use includes:

  1. Any information the client provides when filling out forms on the website or by email.
  2. Correspondence through various means of communication, such as websites, email, telephone, instant messengers, and social networks.
  3. Customer payment details.
  4. This includes detailed information on client site visitations, including traffic data, location, and log-ins, among others.
  5. Technical Data comprises IP address, PC tag, web browser type and version details, time zone settings, and operating systems, among other technicalities.
  6. Advertising and communication preferences of the client.
  7. Any other information obtained about the client, including data from independent sources.

The company is entitled to release customer information such as personal information and past sports bets.

The Company goes to great lengths to ensure that customer data is accurate and secure by destroying personal information when it is no longer necessary or as per legal requirements. When a client uses the services of a bookmaker, he agrees that his data may be verified by other people to provide security, system running, and law-abiding.

Rules on Sports

If you visit Mostbet website and check out the sports betting tab, you will get all the helpful details concerning how to stake in different kinds of games. Here are a couple of things to know.

  • Players can place single, multiple, and combination bets using the bookmaker’s services.
  • The bookmaker is entitled to limit and change odds.

Additional information for each sport can be found in the Rules by Sport section.

Responsible Gaming

The bookie makes sure that responsible gaming is followed to the letter. One can find there a list of some helpful hints on how to gamble responsibly, and it consists of the following:

  • Defining gambling as a source of entertainment, not a way to make money.
  • Skillful bankroll management and allocating a certain amount of time for gambling.
  • Avoid chasing losses to avoid possible financial problems.

Moreover, if a player has signs of gambling addiction, a self-exclusion program is provided with a choice of terms from 6 months to 5 years.

Risk Disclosure

Mostbet reminds its users that any gambling or betting carries certain risks. Therefore, be attentive to all possible risks that may arise.

Refund Policy

Mostbet users can request a refund according to the refund policy. Here are three basic rules to consider:

  • All winnings earned by a player that are refundable will be effective for 12 months from their last activity.
  • If these bets are not claimed within 28 days, they are considered a debt to Mostbet.
  • When a Mostbet player account is closed, all refunds are processed through the banking options used to make the deposit.

For more detailed information or specific questions on this topic, it is recommended to contact customer support.

Cookies Policy

Mostbet’s cookie policy aims to improve the convenience and comfort of users while visiting their website. What makes Mostbet different is that users are at liberty to choose the types of cookies they want stored.